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  • Suite 1600
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  • P: 800.996.9432
  • INT: 312.787.5841


  • Radio PSAs

    Our radio Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are broadcast by thousands of U.S. radio stations each day, providing information about local organizations, government, health, domestic issues, education, safety and the environment. We’ll help you craft a high–quality piece that’s distinctive and airworthy.

  • Radio News Releases (RNRs)

    Our custom feed service is targeted to the stations and markets most appropriate for your English or Spanish news release. We write, produce and voice the RNR shaping its focus for maximum newsworthiness.

  • Radio Media Tours (RMTs)

    We’ll book your celebrity or spokesperson on national and local radio programs nationwide. Reach your audience over the airwaves with your spokesperson in a studio or live via high–end phone patch from any location worldwide.

  • Guaranteed Radio Programming

    We’ll help you reach millions of listeners, guaranteed, by placing your story in syndicated radio programs.

  • Spanish Radio Production and Distribution

    We can translate any of your English–language radio packages for distribution to Spanish–language radio stations, or we can work with you exclusively in Spanish.

  • Additional Radio Services

    • Station targeting to demographic groups and formats
    • Telephone follow–up
    • Arbitron™ audience reach reports and analysis
    • Recording studios with ISDN technology
    • Development of media alert and interview questions
    • Reach over 12,000 radio stations via e–mail and fax