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AKA MEDIA INC. is a creative media company specializing in Video, Radio, Web and TV. Our clients rely on our creative multimedia counseling to produce authentic video for corporate communications, broadcast public relations, sales and marketing, training and education. Download our Service Catalog.

Highlights Reels

Add sizzle to your print, Web, radio and TV clips with music and special effects. Our creative editors will help you share the success of your campaign.

Digital Distribution

Our digital team will help you distribute and share your web campaign using a targeted strategy and access to influential bloggers and websites worldwide.


We'll manage a large or small webcast from just about any location you can imagine, and we'll help you through every step along the way.

Satellite Media Tours

From choosing your spokesperson, to story development, interview booking and results tracking our team will make sure you hit your target.

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What People Are Saying

  • We so appreciate your partnership and quick turnaround.

  • The quality of their work was excellent. They are also able to work within most budgets.

  • Just wanted to say thanks again for all your help.

  • Awesome day and awesome you! Thanks for everything. Your command over the production was evident and appreciated. I'll be in touch to book the next one soon!