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This is where you'll find more about our hidden talents. We have a stuntman, a juggler, and a high-jump record holder. Our backgrounds may be varied, but our focus is not. We are a diverse group of creative professionals, and we're here to help you tell your story.

Andrew-Krause Andrew-Krause_color
Andrew Krause

Executive Producer/CEO

Tim-Parker Tim-Parker_color
Tim Parker

Executive Producer/President

Jim-OReilly-bw Jim-OReilly-SM
Jim O’Reilly

Executive Producer

Alison-Schweiss Alison-Schweiss_color
Alison Schweiss

Freelance Producer

Paige-Hollenberg_bw Paige-Hollenberg_color
Paige Hollenberg


Vince-Rango Vince-Rango_color
Vince Rango

Social & Media Relations Strategist

Myles-deFonseca Myles-deFonseca_color
Myles Erick de Fonseca

Supervising Editor

Kate-Galbincea Kate-Galbincea_color
Kate Galbincea


Cassie-Tyler Cassie-Tyler_color
Cassie Tyler


Camaree-Turman-bw Camaree-Turman-Sm
Camaree Turman

Strategic Content Coordinator

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