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Jul 25 2014

Tips for Using Hashtags on Twitter

Posted by siman klair

Twitter, with its introduction of the hashtag, has transformed the way we gather and share information on a daily basis. Without hashtags to help us sort through the constant deluge of digital information, it would be far more difficult to find and keep up with topics of interest. When implemented strategically, hashtags allow brands to communicate in effectively and engage in conversation with their target audience.

Jul 16 2014

The Evolution of Media

Posted by zach mau

In today’s world it's difficult to imagine that time long ago - before the invention of television - when you had to be face to face with someone to share thoughts and ideas and leave the house to see a moving picture. Over the past 100+ years, advances in media technology have completely transformed the way we communicate on a daily basis. Record players gave way to the iPod and Smartphone just as black & white television gave way to Plasma screens and 3D TVs.