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Apr 11 2014

Friday Favorites - April 11

Posted by akamediainc

Happy Friday! From compelling tributes to the Boston Marathon survivors to the announcement of late night great, David Letterman’s replacement, the Internet has been buzzing with a wealth must-see new content this week. As always, our AKA media gurus work hard to keep you filled in, so enjoy our “Friday Favorites”.

Apr 11 2014

Staying Relevant

Posted by stephanie warsen

Staying relevant in today’s ever changing, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it digital age can be daunting. Miss the newest fad or latest social media buzz and your street cred could take a major hit. In order to stay on the cutting edge of our society’s digital culture, it’s crucial to never stop learning and to keep yourself open to change. Staying relevant translates to your personal life too. Knowing what you’re talking about typically gains you respect from others. And who doesn’t like that?

Apr 8 2014

As the Graphics Intern at AKA, one of my responsibilities includes creating motion graphics for internal projects. My first assignment had me animating the five-step process for editing a Highlights Video.

We chose to go for a simple icon style, which works well for this type of video. When doing tutorial or “explainer” videos, I believe that having the visuals as clean as possible is not only aesthetically appealing, it also helps direct the viewer to focus on the message.